ReAction: Colossal Cave – ✨ Out & About ✨ & 20% off Sale on Steam Two Days Left!

Greetings all! I’ve spent the last week researching marketing for games. The sales curve for most books, movies and games reminds me of a fancy dinner at home. You spend all day in the kitchen, slicing, dicing, prepping, cooking, plating, etc. And then, the food hits the table and it’s all over in 20 minutes. Game development is […]

ReAction: Why Roberta ❤s Colossal Cave Part II

Our focus with the game has shifted, from building the game, to promoting it. That said, there is still A LOT of work going on in development, particularly with respect to virtual reality (VR). We released the game on the Quest 2with two different means of moving around in the world. One of themethods, which […]



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