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Big Fish Getting Bigger

I’ve received a LOT of email, social media contacts, texts, and more over the last two days asking about the just-announced Microsoft acquisition of Activision. …

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Zooming Up A New Engineer

Today was a rough day on the project. My problems started a few days ago when a newly hired engineer left the project. He had …

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Hall of Fame!

Roberta wins a Hall of Fame award! The Consumer Technology Association had an awards event in New York last night and gave Roberta a Hall …

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Engineer Wanted

I am looking for a junior level Unity software engineer. First the bad news:  It’s a contract position with poor hourly pay, and no benefits. I …

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No game yet, but we have a T-Shirt

Marcus, who is working with me on the game, is attending a Vintage Computer fair on the east coast this weekend. He quickly had some …

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A visit to Oakhurst, where it all started

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (Oakhurst, Ca), there lived a young couple who made a computer game called Mystery House.  …

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