Roberta and Ken Williams are back after 25 years with ‘Colossal Cave 3D Adventure’

It’s a full, VR-focused reimagining of the classic text adventure. Roberta and Ken Williams are back. After 25 years out of the video game industry, …

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GDC 2022 Colossal Cave 3D Adventure Demo Review

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Colossal Cave 3D Adventure – New Details and Video from Ken and Roberta Williams’ Upcoming Game!

Ken and Roberta Williams are well known as the founders of Sierra On-Line, and now Cygnus Entertainment! They’ve been making a new game for some …

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Colossal Cave Adventure Remake Coming from Ken and Roberta Williams

Sierra On-Line founders Ken and Roberta Williams announce a VR reimagining of the influential early text adventure game Colossal Cave Adventure. Ken and Roberta Williams …

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Sierra founders got ‘bored’ in lockdown so they’re making their first new game in more than 20 years

Ken and Roberta Williams, the founders of pioneering game development studio Sierra Online, are getting back into the game (so to speak) with a graphical …

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Ken And Roberta Williams Are Remaking Colossal Cave Adventure

Pioneering adventure game developers are working on a revival of Colossal Cave Adventure. After officially announcing their return to games last year, Sierra On-Line founders …

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