Sierra Flashback w/ Ken & Roberta – Good, Bad & Disappointments

In this video we sit down with Ken & Roberta Williams in their house in Southern California for an exclusive chat about Sierra On-Line games including some of their biggest hits and some of their failures and disappointments. We discuss the making of the popular games like King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry & Phantasmagoria…but also some of the hidden gems and nuggets from Dynamix, Papyrus, Coktel Vision and more.

3 Responses

  1. Really loved your games growing up, still playing them now as an adult. Can’t wait for your next adventure!

  2. So many games I haven’t thought about in a long time! Half Life and Tribes were amongst my favorites! I specifically remember saving up for a better modem so I had better connectivity when playing Tribes! Always wondered what happened to the franchise. Sucks the division went away after Sierra was acquired.

    Looking forward to the new game! Another positive aspect of this crazy pandemic!

  3. Kings Quest series and Phantasmagoria are still a few of my all time favorite games. Wish I could break them all out of the storage crate and play them on my current PC.

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