Engineer Wanted

I am looking for a junior level Unity software engineer.

First the bad news: 

  • It’s a contract position with poor hourly pay, and no benefits. I haven’t raised any money for the project and don’t plan to. I have no budget for the project and am trying to avoid writing checks.
  • This is an entry level position and is mostly doing the work which is repetitive in nature and simple but time consuming.
  • It’s mostly coding, but not all coding. A bunch of it is just copy/paste, or play testing the game.
  • I have no idea what happens after the game is released (sometime early next year). Maybe Roberta and I will go back to retirement or maybe we’ll start another game. Maybe Cygnus will grow and become a major publisher. Or, maybe we’ll release a stinker of a game and I’ll live out my life hiding behind trees so no one recognizes me. I’m pretty convinced its one of those things, or somewhere in between. I mention that because if your hope is that this will turn into a real job and you’ll get hired at the end of the project: All I can say is, “I have absolutely no idea.” My focus is on building a game people want to play and I’m not thinking beyond that.

But, it’s not all bad news! There’s some very good news… 

  • If you are trying to break into the business, this is an awesome way to break in
  • We are doing some VERY cool things. You will be limited only by what you are capable of. If it turns out you are a rock star engineer you won’t solely be stuck on drudgery type stuff
  • The game WILL get attention. It’s an indie game, but one from people (Roberta and I) with a very proven track record. This is a game and a company that will look awesome on your resume
  • It’s a fun group to work with. 
  • We’re doing both computer and VR versions. This is your chance to work on a VR game. It’s an amazing experience and if you watched Zuckerberg’s recent speech the metaverse is where VR is heading. And, sorry — but this isn’t a metaverse game. But .. it is VR and a perfect place to build your experience. 

I’ll probably get a ton of response and will be unable to respond to everyone. So, if you write me and I don’t respond, you have my apologies. Unless you have done some Unity training and feel comfortable using the Unity interface, and experimented with writing some sort of simple game, you shouldn’t waste your time emailing me. I am seeking a junior level person, but in this case, it means someone who has some level of experience in Unity, not a complete rookie. I’d also like someone who has played the old Lucasarts, Infocom or Sierra adventure games. 

So .. if after reading all of that you think you are the perfect fit: Email me at – Ken Williams

6 Responses

  1. Hi Ken, I read your post looking for a junior Unity programmer. I think I could help a bit there with some effort.
    First, I’m a big fan of Sierra since the early days, so yeah I played most of its games amd still actually do.
    I am a professional game programmer. I’ve coded all games between AAA and Indie. I did many kinds of games (FPS, racing, skating, space shooters,…etc).
    My main speciality is graphics engineering (on PC and consoles), so I’m quite comfortable with D3D and the likes.
    I worked as a graphics engineer for Electronic Arts (7 years), WB Games (5 years), Unity (2 years), and now I’m at Nvidia, digging deep into the GPU itself.
    I also made an indie game with my brother Homam (we make an excellent team), which is a 3D space shooter targetting PC, Xbox1, PS3, PS4, and PSVR. In fact, it’s mentioned as one of the best PSVR titles out there, probably thanks to it running at 120FPS natively.
    So that’s my background. I would be very glad to help coding your project. There are a couple of hurdles though that I will need to overcome before I fully engage in this.
    First, Nvidia’s policies don’t allow employees to work in other projects, but I will try hard to get an exception on the basis that this will be a non-profit engagement. But if it was open-source, it would make things even way easier.
    Second, this will be a part-time job, so I won’t be able to put 8 hours a day. Realistically it will be 3-4 hours. But rest assured that these hours are populated with over a decade of experience, so the work done there will definitely beat 8 hours of junior time

    That’s all from my part. Let me know what you think if interested, and in all cases.. I’m really looking forward to your game!

    Best regards,

  2. Hey, i may be interested, i am the guy that reverse engineered the sierra the realm online server code, which ended with a number of emulators, and rat labs getting control of the game, while i got no credit 😀

    I also work with unity, no projects ever to completion, i am 53 years old and do this simply to occupy my free time, i understand script-able objects fairly well, UI work, which i do not like, but i can do it, as well as designing and coding entire systems, like crafting and skill sets.

    I cannot promise anything except to say i would look over what would be required of me, and would let you know then if i think it is something i could do, i do not need any payment, but if you end up making mad bucks off my work, then i would expect some fairness, either way shot me a message i will chat.

  3. I’d be interested. I’m good at troubleshooting and I’m also very good at trying to break games so I could play test! Feel free to e-mail me! I’ve been a big fan of yours for many years!

  4. I would certainly love to participate in this. I am currently working on a game design degree from Austin Community College. I have beginner experience in Unity and Visual Studio C#

  5. yeah i do unity
    i have my favorite tool sets and more assets than god
    i favor world generator and dungeon generator and absolutely love game creator for unity.. one stop solution for any game you wanna make in unity
    i definitely can help.
    not in it for the money

    1. Email me a resume — ken at

      Thanks! I am currently seeking an engineer. That said – I need someone who knows Unity and C#

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