ReAction Newsletter #1 – PAX West 2022

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PAX West 2022 update


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Ken & Roberta Williams invite you to join them as they present Cygnus Entertainment’s upcoming release, Colossal Cave – Reimagined by Roberta Williams, at PAX West 2002, at the Seattle Convention Center, 705 Pike St. Seattle, WA.

Visit Cygnus Entertainment at Booth 1425 – located on SCC Level 4 in Expo Hall 1 (click here for map) Leap into adventure, and immerse yourself in the challenge of Colossal Cave – you can play it in VR on the Meta Quest 2 and on the Nintendo Switch.  Colossal Cave will also be available on PC – for more information, visit


Colossal Cave is an immersive trip into a challenge cave, filled with deep caverns, mysterious treasures, wondrous sights and dangerous foes to keep you on your toes. Challenge yourself to navigate its vast passages and mazes, and find all its treasures and secrets hidden within! Colossal Cave is a re-imagining of the classic text adventure “Colossal Cave Adventure” released in 1977 by Will Crowther and Don Woods. Also known as Adventure or ADVENT, Colossal Cave Adventure is the text adventure that sparked Roberta Williams imagination and led to her creating her own game, Mystery House and founding Sierra On-Line.


You can now add Colossal Cave to your Nintendo Switch Wishlist! Be sure to visit and add it today! –

Be Sure to watch the new trailer for Colossal Cave 3D! Likes, comments and shares all help out, so we appreciate it!

Roberta and Ken recently talked with the LA Times about their return to gaming and about their future with “Colossal Cave”; you can read the article right here –

While at PAX West 2022, come see Ken & Roberta in the panel “ADVENTURE GAMES: HEROES AND LEGENDS” on Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, from 2:30-4:00 PST in the Horse Theatre (Grand Hyatt, Level 1).  Ken & Roberta will be on a panel that includes Al Lowe, Jane Jensen, Dave Gilbert and Ron Gilbert, hosted by Frank Cifaldi. For more information, click the link below.

Watch Ken demo a bit of Colossal Cave here – he talks about the interface and using the famous magic phrase “XYZZY” in the game.

in summary

Colossal Cave at PAX West 2022

  • Cygus Entertainment presenting Colossal Cave.
  • PAX West 2022 – Seattle Convention Center Booth 1425
  • September 2nd-5th, 2022
  • Adventure Games: Heroes & Legends Panel, PAX West, Saturday Sept 3rd, 2:30-4:00 PM in the Horse Theater (Grand Hyatt, Level 1)
  • Visit Ken’s Corner – a personal blog from Ken, with more insight and updates about the production of Colossal Cave!

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