ReAction Newsletter #2 – Halloween 2022

In this edition…

Halloween 2022 Update Edition!

  • Colossal Cave to be featured in “Day of the Devs”, hosted by Double Fine and IAm8bit
  • Spotlight on indie games features our hard work on Colossal Cave & Ken & Roberta’s return to game creation.
  • Some of the spooky history behind the real inspiration of Colossal Cave Adventure
  • Our art team was featured in a profile on Adobe Sustance 3D Newsletter!


Thank you for reading. For more insight, visit my blog – Ken’s Corner




Day of the Devs is hosting its next digital showcase on November 3 via YouTube and Twitch. As with past events, this will be a showcase featuring a select group of magical indie games.

Past digital showcases have seen viewership in the multi-millions, and have included participation from some of the hottest and innovative games.

Day of the Devs most recently celebrated an epic digital showing in June in collaboration with Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest – for a recap, check it out here.

Visit for for information on where and how to watch this event!



The Spooky History behind the
Inspiration for Colossal Cave

Colossal Cave Adventure, the original text program that our game is based on, was originally created and programmed by Will Crowther – a computer programmer who greatly enjoyed exploring and mapping caves in his off time – and he had ventured and explored the Mammoth Cave in Kentucky many times – it was his adventures in these vast caverns that gave him the idea to make a story game that encompassed exploring these passages!

The Mammoth Cave system is very large and vast; Due to its long history, number of deaths, trappings, and burials, many believe this enormous cave system is haunted. For hundreds of years, there have been reports of voices, whispers, disembodied steps, and the sound of coughing, all from unexplained sources. Many reliable reports, even from tour guides and National Park employees, have claimed to see a variety of apparitions. Sometimes the mist found deep in the caves is referred to as the breath of ghosts.

– from the forthcoming essay “A Historical Context for Colossal Cave”
by DJ Williams


Look for more in the future about the inspiration behind Colossal Cave Adventure in upcoming ReAction Newsletters!

in summary

Colossal Cave at Day of the Devs

  • Colossal Cave at Day Of The Devs
  • Online: November 3rd, 10 AM PST/1PM EST
  • In-Person: November 5th, General Admission: 3PM-7PM PST, Media: 2PM-3PM PST, The Midway, SF
  • Visit Ken’s Corner – a personal blog from Ken, with more insight and updates about the production of Colossal Cave!

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