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Colossal Cave has launched!

  • Colossal Cave launched on January 19th on Steam and Epic Games Store.
  • It also released on Meta Quest 2, Nintendo Switch (North America) & Playstation 5
  • What’s ahead for Colossal Cave? Read ahead and see!
  • Ken’s Thoughts on ChatGPT
  • “A Peek Inside The Cave” – stories and trivia from the team behind the making of Colossal Cave!

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Colossal Cave released on January 19th on Steam, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch (in North America), Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation 5.

What’s Next For Colossal Cave?

We have more versions still upcoming.  Coming in early spring are the Xbox X|S and Xbox One.  In addition to Xbox, we also have a PlayStation 4 port, which is coming quite soon.

From there, we are hard at work on the PlayStation VR2, Pico VR and Steam VR, all releasing after the Xbox and PS4.

Shortly after that will be a focus on mobile versions of the game.

We will be venturing to Philadelphia, OA to attend Too Many Games in June.  Come and see Marcus and play Colossal Cave. Tickets start at $40 and Children under 10 get in free with Adult Admission. Check out their website for more information about this exciting show!

We have been hard at work fostering community on our Discord, ( as well as through our Steam page.  Through our connection to the community we have been resolving small issues, updating ports, massaging translations, etc.

It has also become clear that a passion for the history of the game is shining through We’ve begun to amplify that message through our updated Steam page.   Moving forward, a deeper look at the history of the game will start to ripple through other store listings, through elements of the actual game, and we are starting to work on a script for a mini-documentary about the game and its place in video game history.

Some really exciting things forthcoming!

Colossal Cave for Switch

Colossal Cave will launch soon for Nintendo Switch in Europe and Australia, with Japan/Asia following.

Colossal Cave on

Colossal Cave is also coming to and! Look for the game available soon on these platforms.

Colossal Cave comes to PSVR2

We are excited to announce Colossal Cave is coming to PSVR2 for an incredible experience! We are excited to be developing our title for this upcoming platform. A source inside the dev team says,”This version promises to be the ultimate expression of the game!”

Look for more information in the future.

Ken’s Corner

Ken recently penned a blog entry about ChatGPT and his experiences with AI. You can read all about it here! Click below to visit his blog.

We’re taking a “Peek Inside The Cave” here – some thoughts and notes from some of the development team who made Colossal Cave!

Dom Walker – engineer/programmer –
“Working on the maps was interesting because it started as something intended to only be used for players in VR and only in the two mazes. It was a challenge figuring out how to make maps that were helpful without trivializing the navigation puzzles. The maps were then expanded to cover every region in the game and track where items were across regions which was a challenge with how the maps were initially implemented. In the end, it helps smooth out the exploration process without being too overbearing and seems to be well received.

Moving forward, I’m working on a port to a new VR platform which has been challenging due to how new it is as there is not much documentation or previous examples to help with troubleshooting so there’s been some trailblazing in that regard. Thankfully, lots of the work has already been done on the other VR platforms we’re working on and is compatible which has allowed me to focus on getting existing features things to work again rather than having to completely remake the features.”

We’re working on bringing Colossal Cave to mobile platforms, and we spoke with the team about the process and challenges of that process.

Dan Thompson – Senior Engineer

(On working on porting Colossal Cave to the mobile experience)
“[Colossal Cave] was designed for VR, so the VR based graphics in the game shouldn’t need much work other than maybe changing to mobile shaders and fonts… Some menus may need to be re-designed or hidden if not applicable for the mobile version as compared to PC or consoles. The biggest development challenge is probably the movement controls – added for touch screen deployment on phones or tablets.”

This has been a little “Peek Inside The Cave” – look out for more installments of this series in future ReAction Newsletters!

in summary


  • Colossal Cave is coming this spring to XBox platforms.
  • The game continues to receive updates and patches on various platforms.
  • Colossal Cave comes to PSVR2 in what looks to be the ultimate expression of the game.
  • If you’ve played Colossal Cave, consider leaving a review! These help us greatly and word of mouth get our game out there even more!

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